A short introduction to the different ways to consume San Pedro and Peyote cactus

The consumption of mescaline cacti will usually take place orally. There are different ways of preparing the cactus for a mescaline trip

1. Eating raw cactus

Inducing the mescaline trip by eating the Lophophora williamsii or San Pedro cactus raw is definitely no piece of cake. If you expect a taste similar to the exquisite prickly pear, you are backing the wrong horse. Both plants are TOXIC due to mescaline and the other alkaloids contained. Accordingly, typical signs of toxication such as nausea and vomiting will occur.

Both Peyote and San Pedro cactus have an extremely bitter taste causing a very uncomfortable feeling in the throat. You will have to swallow that bitter pill or as my granny always said “If the medicine is bitter, it works”.

For obvious reasons it´s strongly recommend to remove the spines of San Pedro and Trichocereus peruvianus before eating them, the Lophophora williamsii/peyote cactus has no real spines but soft hair and therefore does not have to be "shaved". I recommend you burning the thorns with a standard cigarette lighter and use a knife to remove the stumps where the spines exit the skin. It is very important to ensure that not too much of the skin is removed from the cactus, since most of the mescaline is located there. Removing the skin will emasculate your mescaline trip.

Even though it is quite feasible to eat the cactus fresh I advise you to dry the plant first. Therefore you can simply make a cut directly above the earth at the foot of the Peyote cactus. Columnar cacti such as Trichocereus should be cut in slices first, this increases the surface of the plant material exposed to air, what promotes evaporation. The Peyote cacti or the Trichocereus-slices can now be dried in an oven, in the blazing sun or -ideally- in a Food Dehydrator.

Drying is thoroughly recommended since dried plant material contains significantly more mescaline as a fresh plant.

2. Preparation of a mescaline drink/potion

The preparation of a mescaline drink requires one to mix water and the cactus material and boil this blend on a low temperature. Well I found a fantastic guide with pictures for this procedure on Erowid, you can see it here.

However, I suggest cutting the "heart" of the cactus out, because mostly this part of the plant is especially ligneous. Moreover the core of the cactus is poor in mescaline content and abounds bittern (that’s what makes you puke).

3. Preparation of cactus powder

One of the most rewarding but also most elaborate ways of preparing the cactus is to produce cactus powder, which is not to be confused with pure mescaline (since this is a powder as well).

A huge advantage of this method is that the consumer can avoid the nasty taste if he fills the cactus powder into capsules. However, even here the nausea and vomiting cannot be prevented because these symptoms are part of the effect that go along with the mescaline trip. You see mescaline is a kind of “anti-booze”, first comes the hangover than the actual effect.

This video demonstrates in a colorful way how the cactus powder is produced:

Let me break this down for you:

-Remove spines and separate skin with about a half inch of meat
-Simmer the material for 1-2 hours at moderate heat until the color is gray-green
-Separate the cactus flesh from the waxy skin
-Use a blender to mix the material
-Put material in a nonstick frying pan and simmer on LOW heat (this can last up to 2-3 hours)
-When the material in absolutely dry it should be brittle and easy to comminute
-Use a grinder to powder the material, such as a coffee grinder or another grinder you might own.


You can also put the cactus into the freezer for a couple of hours before cooking, thus the cells burst and you can remove the skin more easily.

The powder retains its psychoactive potency for about half a year, after that too many of the alkaloids decayed and you will not be able to take the mescaline trip.

In order to consume the powder you can add it to a yogurt, this is said to make the taste less awful.

A considerably better way is to fill the cactus powder into empty gelatin capsules
, which can be bought very cheap. Vegetarians should pay attention when buying capsules, since gelatin is made of bones. Therefore capsules made ​​of cellulose
can put things right. If you want to stay under the radar or don’t know how to use a computer, you can purchase any low-priced “health capsules” at your local fitness-shop, since most of them can be opened and refilled. But please remember to put the content of these dietary supplement capsules where it belongs: in a trash can.

Nearly forgot to mention…

Keep in mind that all of these 3 methods were taught only for educational purposes. Doing any of the steps displayed at this site will make you a depraved criminal, an immoral desperado and overall a threat to society, so don’t do it. Cactus powder, cactus potion and dried parts of Peyote or San Pedro cactus are subject to the Narcotics Act, which makes the production, possession and trafficking a contravention.